Why Are Double Glazed Windows Better Than Single Glazed?


Why are double glazed Windows better than Single Glazed?

  1. Insulation
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Noise reduction
  4. Safety/Security

One of the main advantages of Aluminium Double Glazed Windows is the insulation layer between the 2 panes of glass. It acts as a barrier between the outside elements and the inside environment.

By upgrading to Aluminium Double Glazed Windows your inside environment is much more protected from the outside elements. The insulation helps reduce the passage of hot or cold air between the inside and outside of your house, meaning the inside air stays warmer or cooler for longer periods of time. The insulation properties of Double Glazing are so great that you will save a significant amount of money on your home bills.

The second biggest advantage of Aluminium Double Glazed Windows is energy efficiency. As we explained above it is easier for the climate control system in your home to maintain proper temperature, irrespective of the weather conditions outside. Why is this? Because the inner pane of glass is not exactly at the temperature which is prevailing outside. When the climate control system is able to maintain the temperature easily, the thermal efficiency increases. As the thermal efficiency of your home or business increases the energy required to maintain the temperature goes down, this will again help you save on electricity and maintenance costs.

The third biggest advantage of Aluminium Double Glazed Windows is noise reduction. If you live on a busy street, Double Glazed Windows are a necessity cutting out all ambient noise. Providing you with peace and quiet, blocking out the sounds of traffic any work being done within your area.

The final biggest advantage of Aluminium Double Glazed Windows is the added security they provide. With the extra pane of glass, you can be guaranteed that these Windows are much more secure. Not only are they harder to break into but they can handle a much higher amount of impact. They are sturdy, strong and give you a much higher margin of safety.

Switching to Double Glazing is the right choice, they are aesthetically appealing, looking no different than single glazed Windows and offer numerous advantages that will make them well worth their initial extra cost.

Double Glazed Windows and Doors are highly durable, increase thermal efficiency and will recoup the extra costs over a short period of time.

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