Frequently Asked Questions

Who will install my Windows?

LuxWin has numerous licensed and accredited installers who are trained to provide a high-level finish

Are the windows made Locally?

Our windows are sourced from our Factory in China.  The windows are made as per provided shop drawings and fitted onsite by the LuxWin team.

Are double glazed windows expensive?

It is expected to be more expensive than single glazing however we have found our product to be both one of the market leaders and Highly affordable.  We are more than happy to provide pricing or complete site measures to prove to you our product is a highly achievable option.

What separates LuxWin double glazed windows from other window suppliers?

LuxWin prides itself on making each project individual and not just “another job”.  The team at LuxWin will guide you through your journey and provide helpful knowledge so you can get the best outcome.  Our product also speaks for itself providing countless market upgrades as a standard inclusion, such as metal flyscreens!

How long does the whole process take?

From acceptance of quote to installation of your windows, we aim to wrap everything up in 8 weeks.  Any issues after the ordering has taken place can be rectified however much quicker

What Colour frames can we choose from?

Whilst LuxWin will always suggest a Colourbond window colour, the sky is no limit.  Being a custom windows supplier, we are able to provide any window colour to your liking

I’m completing a renovation, can I still install your product?

Absolutely!  All of our window systems are Retrofitted onsite so this product is perfect for your needs!

How do I get a free quote?

If you wish to obtain pricing from us, please feel free to send your plans through to or contact us on 08 9494 0000