Distinctive Double Glazed Windows
for the different and daring.

Why Double Glazing

It’s no surprise that Aluminium Double glazing is quickly becoming an attractive factor when designing an Australian Home. Your window selection is a critical component to the energy efficiency of your establishment. Proven research shows that the typical Australian home can increase its energy rating by 2 to 3 stars by selecting an upgraded window system

Double Glazing refers to two panes of glass being separated by a still layer of air or gas. This section of glass is then installed into a commercial aluminium section built to accommodate the new thickness of glazing.  The major benefit to double windows relates to the energy efficiency.

The section of air or gas between the two panes of glass keeps the heat from escaping in the winter and the reverse effect in summer by keeping the hot temperatures out of your home.  With home heating and cooling energy costs on the rise, this helps keep the long-term money in the homeowner’s pocket!

Other benefits include:

  • Acoustic – helps keep sound transfer to a minimum and helping reduce that unwanted noise
  • Safer – Harder for break ins and accidental damage
  • Minimises Condensation – This helps prevent household mould from forming
  • Better for the Environment – Reduced energy loss means a decrease in household emission

High Durability

Fire Resistant

Water Resistant

UV Resistant

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